Shabdan di Sanjh


SHABDAN DI SANJH: An Anthology of Punjabi Poets of Fraser Valley

Edited by Surjeet Kalsey



Shabdan di Sanjh  is the first anthology of Fraser Valley Punjabi poets members of Punjabi Sahit Sabha Abbotsford (Reg.)(Punjabi Literature Society  Abbotsford, founded in 2008 dedicated to promote Punjabi literature, language and culture.

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Star-studded Scarf


The sky is fully dotted
with tiny shinny stars
Star-studded scarf is mine.
Gazing at the stars
slowly and slowly
stars land into my eyes
the dew-drops glide down quietly.
I see the stars with my shut eyes.
I stay still in meditation.
And tears majestically
roll down on to my cheeks.
Some thing has no beginning
and some reality has no ending.
I pull the star-studded scarf onto me
and cover my entire body.
The lights illuminate each and every
tiny body-hair on my body
and my body becomes radiating.
I don’t know where to take this light.
My feet still walk in the darkness.