Blood Red Moon

Blood Red Moon
A saying goes like this:
If you see an eclipse of the moon
you are lucky!
If a pregnant  woman sees
an eclipse of the moon
bad omen falls on her!
The truth is not obvious.
Awesome red moon!
101 minutes long eclipse
was seen everywhere
millions of people watched it
turning many colours
from milky white to pale
pale to orange
orange to red
red to crimson
crimson to copper
copper to blood red!
Burning blood ball
was up in the sky
visible everywhere
on the mountains
in the valleys
on the roof-tops
on the roads
in the rivers in the sea
in the fields
on the trees
women saw it
men saw it
children saw it
old and young saw it.
The blood red moon –
Awesome Wonders of the Nature!
Don’t make any problem bigger than you!

New Moon

A silver new moon
like a shinning scythe
reaps the stars
in the azure sky.
Some wandering clouds
cover its face and make
its glowing sight foggy. 
The multicoloured leaves –
ornaments of the autumn
innocently come under our feet
the fall prevails everywhere.

Under the yellow golden veil
the earth is hiding its face
and the silver new moon smiles.

A longing lingers
becomes yearning
and yearning brings 
dukh grief, sheer misery-
voiceless, faceless
wandering my thoughts
nowhere, spaceless.
I yearn to hear your voice! 

Buddha speaks to me:

 “Sufferings exist.
There is cause of sufferings.
Sufferings cease.
There is a path to cessation of sufferings.”

“The love of poetry is an affair of the heart.” –James Reeves