Aurat Shabad Shakti


‘Aurat Shabad Shakti’

A poem by Surjeet Kalsey





Earth Ether Fire Water Wind!
The body is sheer clay
 an earthen pot
it will break one day!

All colours are in the heart of the Earth, it brings out many colours with the warmth of the sun and the rain and the caressing of the wind   

An Incarnation Of Kali

I am real. Touch me
touch me with your flesh
feel me with your senses.

I am not dead.
I throb.
I pulsate.
I breathe.
I am alive.
I can rewrite my fate.
I will write a new script
of my own and will live it.

I am
an incarnation of the Kali-
the goddess of power.

I will illuminate
in many forms
I am Durga
I am Chandi
I am Bhawani,
and I am Kalika –
the mighty goddess Kali.

This time I will become the Kali –
I will grow
many hands on my body,
and would hold
a shinning sword in my one hand
and a skull of the devil in the other
I will appear on the stage
riding over a lion
and roaring with eyes sparkling.

I will chant the sermon
of the tenth Guru:
“O Lord Shiva,
bestow upon me
your benediction
so that I will never be afraid
to do virtuous act.
If I am under attack then
empower me O, Mighty!
so that I can protect myself.”