This April

Fragrance of Spring



Camellia smiles through my window

the soft pink petals bloom

the paths are covered with lilac lavender


Two eyes look through the window

and are amazed at the benedictions of the nature.

April is a Poetry Month as always

and everyday a poem is being released

from the iron bars of the traditions.


A woman is

still being stoned  somewhere

A woman is

still seeking safety, respect and dignity.

April month will go on

the heart’s wailing will go on.


As long

Within this April………

Every day is a poetry day in April

walking on the concrete sidewalk

stumbled on the pothole

fell backward and landed on my right wrist


could not hold a pen in my hand

not even the mouse

nor  can I click with my fingers

the letters on the keybord

to form the words for a poem




12.12.12 – After A Century

I opened a window of the past.
Looking through the wreckage
I found some jewels of  moments
shining  in my tears and turn
into multi-rays of colours.
When the first drizzle of the rain
makes the dusty paths fragrant
I walk with my bare feet
in the scorching desert of life.
In search of my home, myself!
Perhaps I have been wandering
and waiting for a century that
the loneliness will fade away.
The words spoken are lost its sound
with time they shed  their meaning.
The words written on the sand
 wiped out with time’s blizzards.

Still I am going and keeping
the flame of my wait alive
in the wind and rain while passing
through the desert with my feet bleeding.



Shabdan di Sanjh


SHABDAN DI SANJH: An Anthology of Punjabi Poets of Fraser Valley

Edited by Surjeet Kalsey



Shabdan di Sanjh  is the first anthology of Fraser Valley Punjabi poets members of Punjabi Sahit Sabha Abbotsford (Reg.)(Punjabi Literature Society  Abbotsford, founded in 2008 dedicated to promote Punjabi literature, language and culture.

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