Rung Mandal

 “Rung Mandal” – Surjeet Kalsey’s new poetry book.

Publisher: Tarlochan Publishers Chandigarh 2014, has widely distributed the book in the Universities and Colleges in the  Punjab and Chandigarh and has received a very encouraging response from at least 35 critics/professors/writers who wrote very valuable critique on “Rung Mandal”  – the collection will be available in January 2015.



New Poetry Book – Rung Mandal


© ਕੁਝ ਕਵਿਤਾਵਾਂ ਰੰਗ-ਮੰਡਲ ਦੀਆਂ








Lifetime Achievement Award


Writer’s Lifetime  Achievement Award  2014


Surjeet Kalsey was honoured with Writer’s Lifetime Achievement Award  on 1 May 2014  – International Labour Day – May Day

at Center Stage New City Hall Surrey by The Department of Asian Studies, University of British Columbia.



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Poetry Month


April is a Poetry Month.

Kavi Darbar (Poetry Reading)  on 27 April 2014

in Abbotsford

Poetry Reading



Poetry Reading Event

.womenday poetry  evening.

Date: 18 March 2014

Time: 6:30PM – 8:00PM

Place:  George Mackie library

At the corner of 112 Street & 84 Avenue Delta

Featured Poets: 

Surjeet Kalsey

 Amarjeet Shant


AuratShabad .



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International Women’s Day


.ਅੰਤਰ-ਰਾਸ਼ਟ੍ਰੀ ਨਾਰੀ ਦਿਵਸ ਨੂੰ ਸਮਰਪਿਤ ਕਵਿਤਾਵਾਂ/ਸੁਰਜੀਤ ਕਲਸੀ.



sMGrS dI iek sdI!


sdIAW qoN sMGrS jwrI hY!

bMd GrW dy drvwizAW qy iKVkIAW dy AMdr

brwbrI, siqkwr qy mwnu`KI smJy jwx dy

h`k dI XugW qoN auTdI Awvwz dI gUMj jwrI hY

kdI ie`klI qy kdI iek`TW ivc sMGrS jwrI hY[


sdIAW qoN sMGrS jwrI hY!

GrW qoN drW qoN bwhr Aw muSk`q kr rhI

h`f-BMnvIN imhnq dy muAwvzy leI lV rhI

brwbrI, siqkwr qy mwn`uKI smJy jwx leI

kdI ie`klI qy kdI gru`pW ‘c sMGrS kr rhI[


nw imlI brwbrI qy nw siqkwr dy bol

sPr AOjV qy lMmyrw mMizl Ajy bhuq dUr hY

rsqw kMifAwlw qy QW QW p`QrW dI Brmwr hY

pYNfw krdw lhU-luhwn pYr qy hOslw cUr cUr hY[


auh vkq Aijhw nhIN AwieAw Ajy ieQy

ijs svyr hr AOrq dy ichry qy KyVw hovygw

sMGrS dy prcm dw rMg lwl hY Ajy

pqw nhIN Ajy kdoN ieh sMDUrI hovygw[


du`Kdy idlW qy pYrW ivc Cwly lY ky clxw hY

Ajy qW cldy rihxw hY Ajy qW cldy jwxw hY!

smwj dI soc dw hnyrw hor nhIN hux Foxw hY!

sMGrS jwrI hY, jwrI r`Kxw hY, cldy jwxw hY!

Ajy qW cldy rihxw hY Ajy qW cldy jwxw hY!


·        ..

byAwvwz AOrqW


hW! bYTIAW ny Ajy vI

cu`p cwp aufIk kr rhIAW

ik koeI Awvygw

jW koeI Awvyg AMdroN Clk jweygw[

glI ivc bYTIAW ny

ibnW PrS qoN ibnW drvwzy qoN

iek Gr KVoqw hY

ijs dIAW dIvwrW ausy qrHW hn

ibnW drvwzy dy ies Gr ivc

byAwvwz AOrqW

kuJ kihMdIAW hn, pr

Axif`T AxsuxIAW AxbolIAW

rih jWdIAW hn

cu`p-cwp aufIk krdIAW

ik koeI Aweygw

auhnW dy pYrW Qly

koeI DrqI ivCw jweygw

isr qy Awsmwn tWk jweygw

qirAW dI cuMnI pihnweygw

Swied Gwh dI iqV dw iqxkw

vI kwnI bx jweygw

qy auhnW dy du`K dI qvwrI^ dI

iek lMmI dwsqwn ilK jweygw

jd koeI Aweygw!


auh dwsqwn jo kihxI hY

auh aufIk ivc bu`FI ho c`ukI hY!

jmUd ivc hY smW

ausy hI smyN dy

aus pl ivc ruk geI hY

jW auhnW dI iviQAw

iksy nUM suxweI nhIN idMdI

qy joo sux skdy hn

auhnW ny AOrq dI iviQAw qy

Awpxy izhn dw mul`mw cwVH id`qw hY,

aus ivclI su`cm nUM gMdlw id`qw hY,

s`c gMvw id`qw hY[


Awpxy JurVIAW Bry ichirAW auqy

dIivAW vWg bldIAW A`KW nwl

aufIk krdIAW hn

ik koeI Awvygw

jW auh AwpxI khwxI

AwpxI dyhI qy ilK ky

Awpxy sMg lY jwxgIAW 

jW Gwh dI iqV dw

koeI iqxkw kwnI bx jweygw[

jW iPr auh

ies Xug ivc vI

byAwvwz rih jwxgIAW[




BrI BrweI r`b dI jweI

sgl sbUqI swrI dI swrI

nMgy pYrIN qur ky AweI

mu`TI dIAW ivrlW QwxI

ikxkw ikxkw krky

pl pl ikrdI jWdI!

idl dI vydn, sbr sbUrI

dyh qy mn dIAW h`dW ivcoN

kqrw kqrw isMmdI jWdI

bUMd bUMd kr ClkI jWdI

idl nUM cIr KuAw idMdI

swrw ipAwr iplw jWdI

muh`bqW dw Axmu`k ^zwnw

r`qI r`qI kr lutw idMdI

mn&I huMdI Krc ho jWdI[

pqw hI nw lgdw kdoN

jd swrI dI swrI AOrq

Kur jWdI mu`k jWdI!


idl ivc surw^


ieh AOrq dw hI idl hY

koml Pu`l POlwd ijhw

pIVHI dr pIVHI vrsoieAw hY

AOrq dy idl ivc iek surw^!


idl socdw hY, AOrq dw

msqk hY sMvydnSIl ivvyk 

kudrq dy kwdr dw ikRSmw:

k`cI klI bhwr dI iKV jWdI

mihkx tihkx l`g jWdI

jd q`k koeI vihSq aus nUM

Awpxy pYrW hyT msl nw dyNdI

jd q`k auh AwpixAW qoN qoV

iek`lI kr id`qI nw jWdI!

jd q`k prMprw dI Awvwz

auhnUM ieh cyqw krw nw dyNdI

ik AOrq dy idl ivc hY iek surw^!


jnm vyly mW ny id`qw ieh surw^

idl ivcoN K`uiBAw ik`l iK`c id`qw

jd pihlI vwr cwnx if`Tw

ku~K qoN bwhr qy bol suxy

guVHqI dy nwl: “vwrs nhIN,

p~Qr if~g ipAw

swfy Gr iPr ies vwr!”


hr nv-jnmI b`cI dI

inkl jWdI bVI mwrimk cI^

ik~l iK`cx nwl jo bx jWdw

idl ivc jMmdy swr surw^!


prMprw ny id`qw idl dw surw^

h`sdI h`sdI kihMdI sI mW

ik auhdy idl ivc vI sI iek surw^

auhdI mW dy idl ivc vI

qy auhdI mW dI mW dy idl ivc vI

qy auhdI mW dI mW dy idl ivc vI

sI iek surw^!


guVHqI dy nwl mOhrw c~tdI

nHry izhnW dI kwl^ hrdI

pI pI A~g BrmW vihmW dI

hr du`KVw sIny ivc jrdI

iksy qrWH auh mrdI BrdI

AwpxI ku`K dI DrqI nUM

sdIAW qoN zr^yz hY krdI!

ieh AOrq dw hI idl hY

koml Pu`l POlwd ijhw

kI hoieAw jy pIVIH dr pIVIH

AOrq dy idl ivc

kIqw jWdw hY iek surw^!


International Women’s Day





.International Women’s Day – March 8


A Century of Our Struggle!

by Surjeet Kalsey


100 yeas of struggle:

women of the world marching on

continuously marching on

and keeping their struggle alive

for equality, respect and dignity!

Yet the destination is far far away

there were thorns and stones on the path!

Marching through centuries on the rough road

our hearts ache and our feet bleed with blisters.


Somewhere on the way we are lost!

As if we fail to feel the pain of another 

of our own and stand against each other

making to feel insulted and ridiculed

in front of others in the crowd.

Still marching on the never ending path

women hold hands and many banners

marching endlessly together!

Sometimes we feel that we fail

ourselves, our own struggle, and

we ourselves squeeze our own blisters!

Shamelessly, nothing moves forward

we are still on the margin, we are

still being stoned, still being raped

the violence has not stopped

seems as if we have failed ourselves

and we are blamed for. The society,

the history, the trends, the attitudes

are still chanting Manu Simriti….

A century long history of our struggle

will continue to end our sufferings

Our  sacrifices will continue to get freedom

from prejudices and offerings of humiliation.

Struggle will continue, March on! March on!

Voiceless Women

by Surjeet Kalsey


Yes, they are still sitting there

quietly waiting for someone

someone will come

and inscribe their fate

on their foreheads

or a stream of passion

would sprung up from within

or a straw would become a pen.


Women are sitting in the house

as if they are sitting on the street

without its floor without its door

but walls are still their retreat


Voiceless women live in this house

within these four walls

without its door, without its floor

quietly they wait for someone

would come and spread out

earth under their feet.


The tale they wanted to tell

that has become aged, stopped.

The tale is circling within circle

from ages and their voice is not heard

their eyes are lit like lamps

on their wrinkled faces – waiting

waiting and waiting someone will come.

Their story is being written in their wrinkles

they will bury their story with their bodies

or a straw would become a pen

or they would remain voiceless even in this age!

United We March!

Poetry Cafe


Coming Up Events in February 2014


World Poetry Café

Sunday, February 23, 2014
1 pm – 4 pm
Clearbrook Library
32320 George Ferguson Way

Kam Aujla or Surjeet Kalsey
or 604-859-7681, ext. 270/278 

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