Curious about the bigger full moon
the night sky is much brighter
because when the moon floats on the horizen
it is a magic  it is near the earth and it creates
an illusion of making the moon seem bigger

New Moon

A silver new moon
like a shinning scythe
reaps the stars
in the azure sky.
Some wandering clouds
cover its face and make
its glowing sight foggy. 
The multicoloured leaves –
ornaments of the autumn
innocently come under our feet
the fall prevails everywhere.

Under the yellow golden veil
the earth is hiding its face
and the silver new moon smiles.

A longing lingers
becomes yearning
and yearning brings 
dukh grief, sheer misery-
voiceless, faceless
wandering my thoughts
nowhere, spaceless.
I yearn to hear your voice! 

Buddha speaks to me:

 “Sufferings exist.
There is cause of sufferings.
Sufferings cease.
There is a path to cessation of sufferings.”

“The love of poetry is an affair of the heart.” –James Reeves