An Incarnation Of Kali

I am real. Touch me
touch me with your flesh
feel me with your senses.

I am not dead.
I throb.
I pulsate.
I breathe.
I am alive.
I can rewrite my fate.
I will write a new script
of my own and will live it.

I am
an incarnation of the Kali-
the goddess of power.

I will illuminate
in many forms
I am Durga
I am Chandi
I am Bhawani,
and I am Kalika –
the mighty goddess Kali.

This time I will become the Kali –
I will grow
many hands on my body,
and would hold
a shinning sword in my one hand
and a skull of the devil in the other
I will appear on the stage
riding over a lion
and roaring with eyes sparkling.

I will chant the sermon
of the tenth Guru:
“O Lord Shiva,
bestow upon me
your benediction
so that I will never be afraid
to do virtuous act.
If I am under attack then
empower me O, Mighty!
so that I can protect myself.”


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