You might be wondering what qualification, experience and skills I have to provide all the following services, please click the following and familiarize your self with Surjeet Kalsey’s over many years experience of interpreting in all levels of courts in British Columbia and translating from legal, community, and literary translation to book-length translation – Please click:


After reading my profile you probably feel more confident to secure my services of translation and interpreting.Thank you. You are welcome to contact me if you need help in any of the following areas.

(A) Literary Translation
Poetry, drama, short stories, articles
Punjabi to English
English to Punjabi

(B) Community Translation
Legal, Health, Social and Community documents
Punjabi to English
English to Punjabi

Court and health Interpreting, Immigrations, Discoveries, Family Mediation, Small claims
Punjabi to English
English to Punjabi

(A) Literary Workshops

(B) Stay Healthy Workshops
Anger Management
Stress Management

Literary Services:

Manuscript Reading
Poetry, Short stories, Drama, Articles

Proof Reading
Literary Materials Proof Reading
Poetry, Short stories, Drama, Articles (Gurmukhi script) and other materials, documents

Transcribe video/CDs

Transcribe and translate video/CDs

3 Responses to “Services”

  1. theresachevalier Says:

    Hi Surjeet,

    It was a pleasure speaking to you yesterday at the Blue Moon series. I tried to send you the picture of you and Anosh Irani twice but it got returned to me.

    Please email me at and I’ll reply. That way I’ll have the correct email.
    Maybe I’ll see you in april.


  2. surjeetkalsey Says:

    Thank you for your inquiry. Yes I am a certified translator and I do translation of educational certificates. Please email me at with details.

  3. kalyan Says:

    Are you a certified translator?
    Do you do translation of educational certificates from Punjabi to English.

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