.Surjeet Kalsey.


Surjeet Kalsey has published eight books of poetry; 4 books are in Punjabi and 4 are in English. Her works have been published in English and Punjabi, and from India and Canada. She read her poetry in various bi-lingual poetry readings, conferences, radio, TV and at University of British Columbia, Punjab University Chandigarh,  Guru Nanak University Amritsar,  and at Canada’s most prestigious Harbour Front Toronto.
To read her poems published on this blog, click here:
Poems by Surjeet Kalsey
To view a list of her collections of poetry books, click here:
List of Surjeet Kalsey’s Poetry Books

List of Surjeet Kalsey’s Poetry Books
Naam Tiharey, 2006
Rom Rom Vich Jagdey Deevay, 2005
Aurat, Shabad Te Shakti, 2001
Sandscape, 1999
Foot Prints of Silence, 1988
Speaking To The Winds, 1982
Paunan Nal Guftagoo, 1989 and 1979
On and About Poetry
Faiz Ahmed Faiz da Kav Sagar, 2003
Identical Study of Mohan Singh, 2003
Glimpses of Twentieth Century Punjabi Poetry in English Translation, 1994

Poems by Surjeet Kalsey


7.  Poems_Surjeet

6.  Aurat_Kav_2

4. Mother’s Day

3. Aurat Shabad Shakti

2. I Don’t Intend to be a Goddess

1. Aurat


2 Responses to “Poetry”

  1. surjeetkalsey Says:

    Sandip ji, many thanks. I visited your “Shabad Noor”, it is beautiful and poetry is wonderful!

  2. Sandip Says:

    Surjeet Ji,
    I visited your blog for the first time. Great blog!

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