Writers do create their original works and Surjeet Kalsey has in her credit  more than a dozen books of poetry, short stories and drama. Along with her creative activities she encouraged many writers in Canada to present their works with respect and dignity, she expected from fellow writers in literary associations in Lower Mainland. Empowering other writers is an act of selflessness and Surjeet had dedicated her enormous time to include and take along with her fellow writers. Therefore, she used her well earned skills of reading manuscripts, editing, translation, transliteration, compiling anthologies and writing book reviews . Surjeet has done extensive work in editing and translating Punjabi literary works in English and in Punjabi. Below is a list of Surjeet’s non-fiction contributions and also click the link:

Translation & Editing



Dissertations, Research Papers and Articles


Year-2011 – Articles, Papers, Reviews (Non-fiction)

(1)   Canadian Punjabi Literature in Translation Apna

(2)  Skeena: A Woman Without Borders, Review of Fauzia Rafiqe’s novel, published in Indo-Canadian  Times, Surrey,

(3)  Rakhi- A Defocused Effort to curb Violence Against Women , published in Indo-Canadian Times

(4)  Urdu poet Late Zahid Laeeq’s poetry in Gurmukhi lipi published in Indo-Canadian Times Surrey

(5)  Urdu poet Faiz Ahmed Faiz’s poetry in Gurmukhi lipi published in Punjabi Patrika Abbotsford

(6)  Book Review and Introduction Amarjit Shant’s first poetry book Preet Sunehe”, 10 August 2011, published review article in Indo-Canadian Times Newspaper, Surrey

(7)  Book Review and Introduction of Jaswant Kaur Virk’s first poetry book Moh Diyan Tandan, published in Indo-Canadian Times

10   Book Introduction/review Sukhinder’s poetry book “ Samosa Politics:  Sukhinder Di Kalam Katari Ton”

11   Pride of Punjabi Journalism: Late Tara Singh Hayer and his Enlightened Heritage, Indo-Canadian Times, 18 November 2011

12  Earthen Lamp On A Grave (Marih Da Diva), a Novel by Gurdial Singh, a famous novelist from Punjab, reviewed by Surjeet Kalsey for India’s  50 Great Novels.

13  Paper/Article/ presentation on Violence Against Women in Indo-Canadian Community – as a Guest Speaker at Sahara Support Services Society’s Annual Function on 18 November 2011

All Times:  Articles, Papers, Reviews, Conferences papers

Romanticism to Realism Two Poets: Prof. Mohan Singh & Prof. Faiz Ahmed Faiz, Thesis M.A. Punjabi 1972. Later published by  Raghbir Rachan Prkashan, Chandigarh in 2000. Please click to see the title and description:  Comparative and Identical Study of Prof. Mohan Singh and Faiz Ahmed Faiz

Canadian South Asian Literature – First Research of Canadian Punjabi Literature 1980-1983
A research project with Dr. Suwanda Sugunasiri of Ontario during 1981-1983. Report published in the Meeting of Streams, edited by M.G. Vassanji of the Toronto South Asian Review

Our Voice: Stopping the Violence Against Women,  an article published in the newspaper The Link in 1983

Portrait of a Lady: The World of Henry James
A term paper in English for M.A. English, Punjab University Chandigarh 1969

Punjabi Women and Canadian Economy
Women’s Special Issue of Watno Dur Vol. 9, No. 86, May-June 1981

Surjeet wrote and presented the following papers in various South Asian Literature ConferencesCanadian Punjabi Poetry: An Introduction (English) was  presented at a first South Asian Canadian Literature Conference in Toronto in 1983, and the following sections were introduced in the paper:

  • Canadian Punjabi Poetry (English): An Introduction ( First introduction published in Contemporary Literature In Translation 1977)
  • Canadian Punjabi Short Story (English): A Journey Through the Past, historical aspect of Canadian Punjabi short story.
  • Canadian Punjabi. Drama (English)- “Dookh Niwaran Parkiriya” a paper developed a therapy model for victims of violence & abuse
  • Canadian Punjabi Novel (English), historical novel in Canadian  Punjabi literature

Canadian Punjabi Kahani (Punjabi)
Presented the very first research paper on Punjabi Short Story – “Canadian Punjabi Kahani (Short Story): A Journey Through the Past”  in the First Canadian Conference on Punjabi Literature and Culture held in Vancouver in 1987 by the Vancouver Punjabi Writers’ Forum. (Published in an anthology ‘Canadian Punjabi Literature and Culture’ by Third Eye Publications in 1988).

Canadian Punjabi Drama, Development and its Therapeutic Process
A research paper presented in the First Canadian Punjabi Theater Conference in Toronto in 1995

Karma-Shakti Therapy: An Indigenous Healing Counselling Model for Victims of emotional and physical abuse dealing with their anger, anxiety, depression and low self-esteem; developed as a Thesis/Term Paper for M.Ed. Counseling Psychology (UBC 1997), now being used in healing practices for family therapy especially for Anxiety, Anger and Stress management and other symptoms generated by physical, mental and emotional abuse .

Canadian Punjabi Literature New Context
A paper for the South Asian Punjabi Conference in 2003 in Prince George.

Canadian Punjabi Literature & Women Writers
A paper for Punjabi Literary Conference, Surrey, June 2009

Bridging the Gap – Canadian Punjabi Literature In Translation
Outlines the historical perspective of literary translation of Punjabi poetry, short stories and drama in the context of Canadian Punjabi Literature –   December 2009



Contemporary Literature In Translation, edited and translated  as a Guest Editor: Punjabi Literature Special Issue, 1977 with first introduction of Punjabi Literature.
Watno Dur
Guest Editor: Punjabi Special Women Issue –  Early seventies and eighties she has been contributing to Watno Dur literary magazines her poetry, short stories and articles and also volunteering from time to time to edit material and write with hand because there was no Punjabi  typing  facility available in seventies in Lower Mainland. She edited a special Women Issue of Watno Dur Punjabi magazine May-June 1981 and encouraged women writers to come forward and publish their works.

Toronto South Asian Review
Associate Editor  for ten years from 1983 to 1994 –  Surjeet became the first Punjabi Associate Editor along with Editor M.G. Vassanji of the Toronto South Asian Review right after we had the first Canadian South Asian Literature Conference in Toronto in 1983 , where she presented first research of Canadian Punjabi Poetry, Short story, drama and novel. She contributed Punjabi literature in translation for its  Special Issue:   Punjabi Literature In Canada Volume 2, No.1, Spring 1983; Translated into English almost 15 Punjabi writers’ material such as their poetry, short stories and drama to include in this issue.

Multilingual Shahpara Magazine, Chief Editor Late Zahid Laeeq,  Editor Punjabi Section from 2003 to 2008.


Shabdan Di Sanjh: Kalman Fraser Valley Diyan, an anthology of  members of Punjabi Sahit Sabha Abbotsford, Tarlochan Publishers Chandigarh. 2011. This is the first anthology of the Fraser Valley writers in BC.

ShabdaN Di ChhanwayN, Collective poetry of Sawraj Kaur (USA), edited and compiled her four books in this book, Raghbir Rachana Parkashan, Chandigarh. 2010.

Shadows of the Past, Selected poetry of Dr. Gurumel Singh (USA) in English translation; Edited and translated  from Punjabi into English from his  5 poetry  books in Punjabi. Rainbird Press Vancouver 2007.

Please click the following to go on the “Publications” page and see the titles and description:

Glimpses Of Twentieth Century Punjabi Poetry

Faiz Ahmed Faiz Da Kav Sagar

Mun Pardesi Je Thia, An anthology of Punjabi poetry of the members of the Punjabi Writers’ Forum Lower Mainland. Co-Edited by Rampuri, Kalsey & Sufi,  Ravi Sahit Parkashan 1993

Surjeet Kalsey’s works have been included in several anthologies, magazines and newspapers, some are the following:

Shakti’s Words –An Anthology of South Asian Canadian Women’s Poetry, ed. Diane McGifford and Judith Kearns, TSAR Publications Canada, 1990.

Words We Call Home, An anthology of Creative Writing Department, UBC writers,ed.  Linda Svendsen, UBC Press, 1990.

Her Mother’s Ashes and Other Stories by South Asian Women Writers in Canada and the United States, ed. Nurjehan Aziz, TSAR Publications Canada, 1994.

Another Way To Dance, An Anthology of South Asian Canadian Fiction ed. Cyril Dabydeen, TSAR Publications Canada, 1996.

The Whistling Thorn –An Anthology of South Asian Canadian Fiction, ed. Suwanda Sugunasiri, Mosaic Press Oakville-Buffalo, 1994.

Voices Of Change: Immigrant Writers Speak Out, compilation of interviews with immigrant writers; ed. Jürgen Hesse, Pulp Press, Vancouver, 1990.

Immigrant Experiences, ed. Dom Saliani, Harcourt Brace Canada, 1995.

Shabdan Di Sanjh: Kalman Fraser Valley Diyan, an anthology of Punjabi poetry of members of Punjabi Sahit Sabha Abbotsford, Tarlochan Publishers Chandigarh 2011

Glimpses Of Twentieth Century Punjabi Poetry, Ajanta International Press, New Delhi 1994.

Uttari America Diyan Kahaniyan Aurat lekhkan di Kalam Ton (North American Stories by Punjabi Women Writers) – An Anthology, edited by Balbir Kaur Sanghera, Manpreet Parkashan Delhi, 2011

Parwasi Punjabi Kahani, A collection of short stories edited by S.P. Singh, Guru Nanak Dev University Amritsar 1994 (4th Edition 2004)

Between the Two Worlds – Punjabi Short Stories (English) edited and translated by S.P. Singh,Guru Nanak Dev University,  Amritsar 2004

Parvasi Punjabi Sahit Sandharbh Kosh, (Reference Book of Punjabi Literature from Foreign Land), Compiled and edited by Dr. Harchand Singh Bedi, Guru Nanak Dev University Amritsar, 2004.

Munch Katha, a collection of short stories by the members of Punjabi Literary Forum Vancouver (Punjabi Lekhak Munch Vancouver).2002.

Pichaley Dahakey Di Punjabi Kavita, (Punjabi Poetry of the Last Decade), edited by Dr. Sutinder Singh Noor Delhi University, 1993.

Mun Pardesi Je Thia An anthology of Punjabi poetry of the members of the Punjabi Writers’ Forum Lower Mainland. Co-Edited , Ravi Sahit Parkashan 1993.

Adhunik Punjabi Kav Suran (Modern Punjabi Poetic Voices), edited by Dr. Jasbir Singh Ahluwalia and Gurcharan S. Arshi Punjabi Academy New Delhi, 1989.

Canada Di Punjabi Kavita (Canadian Punjabi Poetry), Punjabi Literary Association Vancouver, 1980.

Surjeet’s works published in many magazines and newspapers in Canada and India:

Surjeet’s poetry, short stories and English translations of other Punjabi writers have published in a number of issues of Toronto South Asian Review (Toronto), Canadian Fiction Magazine (Canada), Toronto Southe Asian Review (Canada) and Contemporary Literature In Translation (Canada)

Surjeet’s poetry, short stories and articles have been frequently published during seventies and eighties in the Watno Dur (discontinued);  her works have been published in Sanjha Aakash, Sanwad, Indo-Canadian Time, Asia Times, Parwasi, and Punjabi Patrika (Canada).

Aakhar, Aarsee, Aks, Jagriti, Jan SahitKahani Punjab, Muhandra, Nawan ZamanaThe Tribune, Hindustan Times, (India) and Saanjh, Urdu/Punjabi magazine (Pakistan)



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