Book Launches

Some memories of books releasing ceremonies in Chandigarh India and BC Canada

Rom Rom Vich Jagdey Deevey


 M.L. Kausar, Ajit Rahi &  Surjeet  Kalsey — Rom Rom Vich Jagdey Deewy Book Release, Chandigarh 2005

.Rom Rom Vich Jagdey Deevey Book Released by MLA Dave Hayer in Surrey.

Writers’ Club Chandigarh President Dev Bhardwaj, Dr. Deepak , Late Santokh Singh Dhir Releasing Faiz Ahmed Faiz & Mohan Singh Comparative Study by Surjeet Kalsey, Chandigarh 2003.


Dr. Deepak Manmohan & Surjeet Kalsey honoured Chandigarh 2003



  Dr. Deepak, Late Santokh Dhir &  Surjeet From Romanticism to Realism: Two Poets Mohan Singh & Faiz Ahmed Faiz  by Surjeet Kalsey

Book Release Chandigarh 2003.


               Late Harbhajan Halwarvi, Dr. Deppak, S. Raghbir Singh  Publisher,  Surjeet Kalsey & Mohan Bhandari, Releasing “Aurat Shabad Te Shakti” Chandigarh.

Dr. Harcharan Singh, Dr. Deepak Manmohan, Surjeet Kalsey, Mohan Bhandari, Sham Singh & Harbhajan Singh Halwarvi, Chandigarh 2000


Karam S. Mann, Inderjit Sidhu, Gurcharan Rampuri, MLA Dev Hayer, Surjeet Kalsey, Ravinder Ravi, Manjit Meet, Dr. Gurumel Sidhu, Mohan Gill, Pritpal Gill and Harbhajan S. Manget at “Rom Rom Vich Jagdey Deevey” book Releasing Function in Surrey  April 2005.


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