Migratory Birds

Migratory Birds

the migratory birds
are here this season
we will fly back to our home
for sure!
No one knows
which invisible cage
imprisons us!
And the flight begins to die slowly
in our wings.
Some of us are drawn
with the chain
some lag behind
in the swamp.
No sun, no earth
where to look at
what to look for?
Lost souls.
How shall we reach the threshold
of our home with crumbling selves?
…The next season is never our own
and every season
makes mouths at us!
Speaking_2                           Speaking To The Winds (p.37, 1982 Third Eye Publications Inc. )



The following article is recently found:

43. “Essential Migration: A Study of Surjeet Kalsey’s “Migratory Birds”” in Ideal Partnerships : Canada and India – 2013 New Dreams, New Challenges (ISBN 978-93-808000-21-9) Edited by S.Mary Hemalatha and S.Ganesan Published by Q-Publications, Coimbatore (September 2013).



Seekers are able to unearth the hidden treasure.


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