Click  Aurat Kav  to read in Punjabi

A hole in her heart.
This is her heart –
soft like flower and hard like steel
woman has a hole in her heart
carrying from generation to generation
she cannot say what she wants to
she cannot feel in her mind and body
what is not allowed for her to feel.
Her heart thinks
and her conscious mind feels
she is a  miracle of the nature!
She blooms like the first crux
of the spring and her smile
being unaware of the traditions
gets plucked and
trampled under the feet.
She stops right there
in the footprint of time
and is reminded that
she has a hole in her heart.
She was given a gift of being a woman
when she opened her eyes for the first time 
and saw the light and heard
the very first words:
“Again we have got a stone not a heir!”
Bad omen for the mother that
she did not give birth to a son
and bad luck for the baby girl
that a hole was drilled in her heart
by the tradition
and the mother put her hand
on her own chest and said
“I also have a hole in my heart,
and my mother too
and my mother’s mother too…!”
Foot Prints of the Silence that become the pages of history.

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