Bamboo Trees!

From the tiny little girls

to young beautiful brides

to mothers to grandmothers

women fly on their dreams.

Women are angels –

gifted with the wings

glide along with the wind

and move with the waves.

When the blows of harsh words

break the wings of our dreams

we simply continue the flight

silently, because we cannot stop

and the journey never ends.

We keep on soaring high

on the wings of imagination

moving along with the wind

waving  like bamboo trees

without  spine

without any ground under our feet!

Dreaming and just dreaming

dreaming about what is not there

and when the reality hits our hearts

bleed inside our body silently

no one sees us no one feels the pain 

thinking this is not happening to us

We are just dreaming!

Soft masks of fresh smiles

we put on our lips each morning!

As if the dark nights were only in the dreams!

The bamboo trees dance with the wind

and women fly on their dreams!


One Response to “Bamboo Trees!”

  1. Sandip Says:

    Absolutely beautiful!!

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